• O. B. Konarivska National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne
  • M. S. Yakovyshyna National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne
  • Yu. O. Tsinivska National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne



tourist potential, tourist infrastructure, tourist attraction, attractions, types of tourism, tourism objects.


In the article, based on demographic, socio-economic and other indicators of development, a detailed description of the objects of the tourist infrastructure of the city of Rzeszów is carried out. Descriptions of the main tourist attractions of the city of Rzeszów are provided. Prospective types of tourism in the city of Rzeszów are highlighted. The peculiarities of the city, which affect its tourist attraction, have been studied. It has been proven that the effectiveness of using the historical, cultural and natural tourist potential of the territory is determined by the possibilities of its tourist infrastructure. It was determined that the attractiveness of a particular city for tourists is formed through the functioning of tourist infrastructure facilities. The potential of the city of Rzeszów in terms of the tourist attraction of historical buildings has been determined. It was found that Rzeszów has significant potential in the field of historical tourism. Based on the analysis of the city’s tourist potential, the four most attractive places for tourists in Rzeszów were singled out: Rzeszów Market Square with the Town Hall; Castle in Rzeszów; Lubomirskі Summer Palace; 3 Maja Street. With  the help of tourist statistics, the city’s tourist attractions were determined: 12museums, 6 bicycle routes, 5 parks, a multimedia fountain, the Round Bridge, the embankment over the Wisłok River, the Philharmonic, 4 shopping centers, 31 libraries, 5 theaters, 5 cinemas, the Rzeszów Steel stadium, sports complex and concert hall. Based on the analysis of tourist attractions in the city of Rzeszów, the types of tourism that are actively developing are determined: museum, educational, folk-cultural, post-industrial, pilgrimage, recreational, educational. Based on the survey conducted in the territory of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, the following conclusions were drawn regarding the distribution of tourists by purpose of visiting the city of Rzeszów: 46.6% of tourists who visit the city of Rzeszów do so for business or commercial purposes; recreation and vacations were the purpose of travel for 9.4% of respondents, and participation in a conference or congress for 9.1% of trips. The realization of educational or excursion goals came in fourth place. The role of the city in the structure of world tourist services is shown and its importance for Ukraine in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war of 2022 is determined. Positive and negative factors  affecting the tourist infrastructure of the city of Rzeszów are identified and directions for its improvement are proposed. Recommendations for the further development of the tourist infrastructure are presented: it is necessary to create a powerful advertising campaign for the city of Rzeszów, create newtours, excursions, provide tourists with all the tourist facilities that are at the disposal of the city, optimal use of the potential of the city’s shopping centers in order to develop shopping tourism and construction of new tourist facilities (amusement parks, water parks, exhibition centers, shopping centers, etc.).

Author Biographies

O. B. Konarivska, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne

Candidate of Economics (Ph.D.), Associate Professor

M. S. Yakovyshyna, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne

Senior Lecturer

Yu. O. Tsinivska, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne



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