• A. S. Shcherbakova National University of Water and Environmental Engineering
  • A. A. Khraban Rivne Research Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine



quality, competitiveness, investment and innovation development, product, organization, trade.


At the present stage of development, the priority of most countries isto form or increase the level of competitive national economy as a basis for sustainable development of the state and increase the welfare of nations. In the article has been substantiated that one of the most important areas of investment and innovation development of trade organizations is to improve product quality management. It is proved that quality is the key to successful activity and prosperity of any organization, especially trade organizations.The essence of the «product quality» concept of has been revealed. It is substantiated that the assessment of product quality involves determining the absolute, relative, prospective and optimal level, i.e. the quantitative characteristics of the degree of suitability of a product to satisfy a specific demand for it compared to the relevant basic indicators under fixed consumption conditions. It has been established that high quality products become a competitive advantage, that provides a sufficient level of competitiveness of economic entities, and thus stimulates its investment and innovation development. In the article have been grounded that main reasons that determine the need to ensure and improve a product quality are: continuous and quantitative growth of needs (personal, social, industrial), its qualitative development and modification; growth of the role and pace of scientific and technological progress in the development of science, technology, production, economy; improving and complicating the design of manufactured products, increasing the importance of the functions performed by them; increasing the amount of production and, as a consequence, a possible increasing the cost of defects; strengthening the requirements for intensification of production and increasing its efficiency; increasing the competition in domestic and global markets, etc. A model of stimulating the investment and innovation development of trade organizations has been proposed, that takes into account the improvement of product quality. 

Author Biographies

A. S. Shcherbakova, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

Candidate of Economics (Ph.D.), Associate Professor ofManagement department

A. A. Khraban, Rivne Research Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Forensic Expert of the Sector of Commodity and Gemological Research


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