• A. Yu. Yakymchuk National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne
  • O. L. Kardash National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne
  • O. F. Yakymchuk Rivne Regional Energy Supply Company, Rivne



state, ecology safety, natural resources, international activity, sustainable development, integrated indicator, taxonomic analysis.


The concept of sustainable development is guaranteed to be safe forthe life and health of the population environment. Environmentalassessment is confirmed by the analysis of the actual indicators ofenvironmental safety conducted in this scientific study. Special attention has been given to such important indicators of ecological safety, asreforestation, implementation of resource-saving, low-cost, non-wasteinnovation by the industrial enterprises of Ukraine, costs of biodiversitypreservation and habitat, etc. The ways of disadvantages elimination in the methodology of environmental safety indicators have been suggested. The state of environmental security in the European Union countries has been analyzed and new tendencies of its improvement on the national level have been determined according to the concept of sustainable development. The substantiation and analysis of main indicators of ecological safety have been carried out, in order to conduct the indicators to the dimensionality the standardization has been performed, taking into account the nature of their influence on the integral indicator of security. This article discusses the prospects of increasing the level of ecological safety of Ukraine in accordance with European standards. According to the results, the dynamicsof the level of environmental safety indicator of Ukraine in the years 2008-2019 is rather unstable, dominated by significant fluctuations in values and peak reductions for a number of years during the period of study. This situation has been caused by the significant anthropogenic load on the environment, the high level of pollutant emissions into the atmospheric air and discharges into water objects, large areas of deforestation.

Author Biographies

A. Yu. Yakymchuk, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne

Dосtor of Economics, Professor of Department of Public Administration, Documentation and Informational Activity

O. L. Kardash, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Rivne

Candidate of Economics (Ph.D.), Associate Professor, АssociateProfessor of the Department of Computer Technology and Economic Cybernetics

O. F. Yakymchuk, Rivne Regional Energy Supply Company, Rivne

Candidate of Public Administration (Ph.D.), Head of The Group of Calculations of the Business Systems Department


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