• A. V. Prokip Ukrainian National Forestry University, Lviv


energy security, sustainable development, renewable energy sources.


Role of renewable energy sources in energy security strengthening under sustainable development principles is analyzed. Disparities in main of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources stocks’ location are described, which proof that lower spatial disparities in renewables’ location can make access to energy easier and liberalize international energy market in the case of renewable energy development. Usage of inland renewable energy sources instead of imported non-renewable will improve state’s energy independence. Usage of renewable energy sources can improve the safety of critical energy infrastructure as theresult of decentralize energy technology usage. Comparison demon?trated that renewable energy sources provide more jobs in energy, cause lower levels of energy prices’ volatility and lower levels of environment pollution, including risk of climate change. Developed analyses and comparison provided a verifying of the idea, that renewables can contribute more to energy security rather thannonrenewables and accelerate the implementation of separate sustainable development principles. Both of this can bring societies to sustainability of energy security.

Author Biography

A. V. Prokip, Ukrainian National Forestry University, Lviv

Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor


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